For the Employer

Dynamically changing conditions in today’s labor market pose different challenges, both in terms of demand and supply. Rapid technological development and economic growth affect businesses all over  the world. Shortages in human resources generate various problems, such as slowdowns and delays resulting in financial losses. Sometimes finding qualified and reliable employees at a reasonable cost can be difficult.

Employee renting without organizational hassles or long term obligations can be a great solution. It’s efficient, quick and easy. In the era of globalization, hiring employees from different countries can be profitable, and, in fact, create added value supporting your business.

Human Resources Services at Work4Best

Our main business is renting employees from Poland to the Danish, Swedish and German markets. We approach each of our partners individually, providing qualified employees for various industries. We recruit both permanent and seasonal workers. We carefully check and verify, here in Poland, if the people we deploy can in fact do a specific job. We test them and make sure they have required qualifications. We mainly deploy basic or medium level workers who have at least a basic knowledge of English or German. In addition to renting laborers (such as cleaners, factory or agriculture workers), we also do recruitment for a one-time recruitment fee.

We want to provide our clients with the good employees who have required qualifications. For a fixed hourly rate, we provide laborers in numbers required by your company at any given time. We also do recruitment for a fixed one-time recruitment fee. With many years of experience, we are able to find best candidates for a specific position you might require.

In Denmark, we are registered in the Danish Register of Foreign Service Providers ((Registret for Udenlandske Tjenesteydere – RUT). Our registration number is: R0017324. In Sweden, we provide ID06 cards issued by Nexus Group to our construction and industrial workers.

Each service of renting employees or performing a specific service on the territory of Denmark is reported to RUT together with the personal details of the Polish employees, before such a service begins.

We are at your disposal from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm at the following telephone numbers: +48 537 714 481 and +45 91 424 784. You can also contact us by e-mail at or use the contact form.

Employee renting

Employee leasing is an alternative to creating full-time jobs. For the employer it means less formalities, lower costs, and, most importantly, a possibility to match flexibly the number of employees to the actual needs at any specific time, for example, seasonal needs in some industries. This way empty man hours and high overtime costs can be eliminated. The payment method is clear and transparent, so you can estimate the costs in advance, at the same time avoiding lengthy recruitment process that can be costly, difficult and frustrating.

In Poland employee renting is legally regulated by the Act on the Employment of Temporary Employees. The agent (our company) signs a contract with an employee who takes up a position with the employer (our client) pursuant to the aforementioned Act. A temporary employee may be employed by one employer for a period not exceeding 18 months during a period of 36 months. Such an employee is also entitled to paid holidays and paid sick leave.

When choosing to work with us, you receive professional personnel consultancy by our staff with years of experience. We provide legal security and full administrative services and so there is no need for you to maintain a HR and payroll department. The only responsibility of the employer (the user of our services) is providing free accommodation for our employees.

We clearly define employment costs based on one hourly rate for each hour of work, regardless of the number of working hours or days of the week in which the work is performed. There is a possibility of quick rotation and deploying additional personnel during a period of increased demand.

Our know-how enables us to select best employees. We check our candidates’ qualifications, experience and skills to perform a specific job. The contracts we conclude with our clients provide for the hire of at least two employees for a minimum period of 240 hours for each of person. This is due to the fact that both middle and lower or basic level employees, when working in a new place, that is, abroad, feel more comfortable having with them at least one person they know. And the specified minimum number of hours is a minimum for which it is profitable for our employees to bear the cost of traveling abroad and adjusting to a new workplace.

Our hourly rates for hiring employees are competitive when compared to those offered by other companies operating in this industry.

Denmark Sweden Germany
Agricultural laborers Starting at 150 DKK Starting at 190 SEK Starting at 19 EUR
Construction workers Starting at 180 DKK Starting at 240 SEK Starting at 24 EUR
Welders and fitters Starting at 250 DKK Starting at 340 SEK Starting at 32 EUR

Recruitment for a one-time recruitment fee

Work4Best also offers recruitment for one-time fee. We select candidates for potential employees and deal with all the necessary paperwork. We can present to you only those selected by us or all the candidates we find – it depends on you. We do our best to make sure that all the people we present can do a good job at a specific position. In the case of the recruitment fee, you sign an employment contract with the candidate(s) in any form you choose. We also offer try&hire formula – which gives you an option to test the candidates during a trial period for a predetermined hourly rate (leasing), after which you can hire them. If, during such a trial, the employee is evaluated poorly, you will receive our free assistance during next recruitment. The only payment we ever receive is a one-time recruitment fee, payable after passing the trial period by the employee. The fee varies depending on the number of employees and their qualifications. After employment takes place, we still offer help and advice on employing foreigners. The second option is skipping the employee leasing phase and hiring the candidate(s) right away for a specific salary.

Payment schedule for carrying out the recruitment process looks as follows:

– 20% of remuneration payable within 3 days of the employee’s arrival at the workplace;

– 30% of remuneration payable after the first month of work;

– 50% of remuneration payable after the employee has worked for 3 months.

Recruitment fees depend on the industry, the number of employees recruited and the requirements for their experience and qualifications. To learn more about our offer, contact us at tel.: +48 537 714 481, +45 91 424 784, +46 70 949 69 34 or using the contact form.