About us

We are a company with over 10 years of experience in the Human Resources. We offer hire and renting of employees from Poland for entrepreneurs in Denmark, Sweden and Germany. During the period of our activity, we have employed or recruited nearly 400 employees for approximately 100 clients.

We are registered in the RUT – The Danish Register of Foreign Service Providers (Registret for Udenlandske Tjenesteydere) under the number: R0017324. Our construction and industrial workers in Sweden are provided with ID06 cards issued by the Nexus Group.

Our Biggest Projects
Novelis Deutschland GmbH

Novelis Deutschland GmbH is one of the largest producers of rolled aluminum products and the largest aluminum recycling company in the world. The company has a network of advanced rolling and recycling technologies in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Its products are exported all over the world.

Entrepreneurs from the shipbuilding industry from Szczecin

At the request of two companies from Szczecin, we trained ten of their employees, who were welders, withing the frame of the Development Services Office, financed by the European Social Fund in the following welding methods: MAG-135 and TIG-141. All the participants of these courses obtained the international welding certificates TUV-Rheinland.

Pierce Distribution Center

PDC Logistics is a distribution center for motorcycle, motocross and snowmobile parts. It is subsidiary of the Swedish e-commerce giant – Pierce AOB.

Scope of work: we provided five employees who, working unsupervised, built large partition walls using dry wall, with a total area of 250 m2. They also created an infrastructure for a photo studio of the advertising department of the Pierce Distribution Center in Szczecin.


Befesa is a service company specializing in the recycling of steel dust, salt slag and aluminum residues. The company’s activity is divided into two units: steel dust recycling services and aluminum salt slag recycling services.

Scope of work: assembling and welding of a fire escape.

Belman A/S

Belman A/S designs and manufactures pipe extensions for the transportation of oil and gas.\

Scope of work: for Belman A/S in Esbjerg, we hired four welders with the MAG-135 and 136 and TIG-141 qualifications, for welding extensions of stainless steel pipes with black steel, 3.0 mm thick.

Munck Gruppen A/S

Munck Gruppen A/S performs construction works in Denmark and abroad. Most of their international projects are carried out by Munck Civil Engineering and Munck Íslandi Ehf.

Scope of work: together with the Danish Employment Agency Work4all Aps, we recruited four excavator operators and eight road workers to work on road and pavement construction in Horsens, Denmark.

Busspart Sverige AB, Sweden

Busspart Sverige AB produces body parts for buses. It exports them to Scandinavian countries and some European countries. It also cooperates with the producers of plastic and composite parts for trains and commercial boats.

Scope of work: We recruited composite mold laminators and painters – varnishers for an automobile parts factory.

"MIG, MAG, TIG – better work”

As part of the Regional Operational Program for the West Pomeranian Voivodeship for 2014-2020, our team prepared and implemented the project MIG, MAG, TIG – better work. It covered Measure 8.6, the total value of the project was PLN 637,012.50, the amount was co-financing by the European Social Fund in amount of: PLN 541,460.62, and our own contribution was: PLN 95,551.88. We trained 24 people in the MAG-135 method, 24 people in the MAG-138 method and 36 people in the TIG-141 method. 82 participants of our course obtained the international welding certificate TUV-Rheinland.

Nordtec Services Aps in Nørre Aaby, Denmark

The company produces, among other things, ship equipment.

Scope of work: constant cooperation in the recruitment of factory employees and personnel administrative services, to work on servicing heat exchangers (including dismantling, painting, applying protective coatings, etc.).


Dragsgaard Aps, Denmark

Dragsgaard Aps is a farm in constant operation since year 1404. Every year it produces around 50,000 Nordmann fir trees (Abies Nordmanoniana).

Scope of work: We recruited eight seasonal employees for felling, packaging and preparation for the export of Nordmann fir Christmas trees.