For the Employee

We are looking for candidates for employment to work for our partners in Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

We offer stable work conditions and an attractive, fixed pay!

Are you looking for a job abroad? We can arrange it for you! We work with many companies that offer a wide range of positions in various industries and at various levels of career. With us you do not need to worry about the timely payment, legality of your stay abroad, travel arrangements, adjusting to living in a new place or completing a lot of formalities. The time you save not worrying about all these, you can use to prepare for your trip.

We are primarily interested in cooperation with people seeking physical labor. We offer work in construction business and in factories. We are looking for people with practical experience. No specialized courses and qualification are required except for welders, who must have appropriate welding licenses, e.g. MAG-135 or TIG-14.

We will be your employer and we will deploy you to work for our partners in Denmark, Sweden and Germany. On your behalf we will take care of all the formalities related to your employment. We will ensure your safety and free accommodation. Everything will be fully legal and you can rely on our help at every stage of recruitment and employment. If, during your stay abroad, you have any doubts or problems, we will always help you.

What can Work4Best do for you?

Choosing to work with us, you will:

  • have a fully legal employment;
  • attractive pay for your work at the same hourly rate during the whole contract;
  • free accommodation in the place of work;
  • online/telephone assistance from our coordinator;
  • a prospect of longtime employment.

We do our best to make sure that all job offers abroad are individually tailored to the candidates’  qualifications and requirements. We want every person starting a new career path with us to find something good for themselves. This way we want to open new opportunities and development paths for employees. We are well aware that traveling abroad for work may be stressful and risky. As HR specialists, we care about legality, transparency and job security. We offer constant support to our employees so that from their first days in a foreign country, they feel confident and comfortable. We have many years of experience and have gained trust of many job seekers as well as partners who offer employment. The satisfaction of both employees and employers is exceptionally important to us and so good personal relations are our top priority.

What makes Work4Best different special?

In addition to the basic things, such legal employment, free accommodation and fixed rates, what distinguishes us from the competition is, among other things, the fact that we provide the opportunity to work an average of 60 hours of per week for those who are interested. Even if you get a slightly higher hourly rate in some other company, without being able to work more than 37 hours a week, you will earn less per month. We are aware of the fact that when people look for work abroad, they want to get the greatest possible profit from their work.

The hourly rate is determined in advance and the amount given is what you get after deducting all employment costs. This is a very important issue, because the tax progression abroad is high, and so knowing the net amount you will make, you can calculate exactly how much you will earn for a month of your work.

Why choose us?

It’s really good to work with professionals. Working with experienced staff in a well-established company, such as Work4Best, you don’t need to worry about your safety or financial security. You will always receive support from us when you need it.

We can arrange your legal residence and work permit in Denmark, Sweden and Germany. We make every effort to ensure that you can find a job suitable for you, and, in which you can use your knowledge and skills. We will take care of all the formalities and organize free accommodation for you. Things may sometime seem difficult at the beginning, but with our help, getting used to new responsibilities and a new place can be quick and easy. We also make sure that no employee is left alone at any given location – we always deploy at least two employees to one company, because it’s good to have a familiar, trusted person next to you, especially in a foreign country.

In addition to the attractive hourly rate and satisfying number of working hours, we guarantee timely payments. This issue is not always as obvious as it may seem. We are well aware of the reasons for traveling abroad for work and we take great care to make sure people get paid as they should. We remain available to help our employees during the entire time of our cooperation. We will answer every question and do out best to solve all problems, if any arise.

If you are interested in working abroad with Work4Best or would like to know more about us or our services, we will be happy to assist you further. Contact us at

☎ +48 537 777 864
☎ +48 91 812 13 20
☎ +46 70 949 69 34